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The authenticity of a private home,

the attention of a professional welcome.

After a year of work, the house comes back to life.

In 2021 the project changes shape and the house becomes its center.

Part of the works of art from the Gallery are repositioned in the 4 bedrooms and the house, where Marta lives and works, becomes a place dedicated to hospitality, cooking courses and artistic production.

It is not uncommon to meet Marta in the welcoming room or in the kitchen preparing some typical dish.

Vicolo Folletto was born in 2014 from an idea of Marta as part of a larger project which also includes a restaurant and an art gallery.

In 2017 the house underwent a conservative restoration , respecting the traces of time and the historical value of the building in which it is located.

Doors and windows of the old apartment are recovered , some objects are restored and intended for a use different from that for which they were originally designed. Restoration needs require replacing the entrance floor for which oak beams are recovered from the demolition of an old historic building and the traditional Italian herringbone laying pattern, which was very widespread at the time of the construction of the building that hosts us, is replicated .


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